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right and left justify multi-column text boxes

August 20 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements

I would like to create an index list with several columns for one of my maps.

I have added a text box and adjusted the number of columns and the gap between columns appropriately.

What I would like to do next is justify the list to both the right and left edge of the column

CD 7........VAL
CD 8........WES

The problem is that since I am not using a mono font the right side of the list is not aligned properly. When I change the text box properties left, right, and center justify appear to work. However, when I select [full] justify (left and right) the text appears to be left justified, not full justified.

How can I create a list where the text is justified to both the left and right?

Are there any other tips in creating lists?

Mapping Center Answer:

So, the general response is that the text controls in ArcGIS are definitely not mini-word processors, and to create that level of formatting would be pretty painful--so don't go there.

We covered a bit of this a blog post on street map indexes, if you've not seen that, it might give a little more perspective.

The short answer is to create the index in a word processor, format it with all the options you will have there, and then copy and paste it into ArcMap.  The internal format of the paste will be an enhanced metafile (.EMF), and so it will be the equivalent of inserting a picture.  Depending on the size of your index, you may want to select, copy and paste subsets, to make managing the resulting graphics in ArcGIS easier (that said, you'll need to consistently scale each pasted graphic, so keep track of what you do there).

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