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Using ArcView (sans Erase tool) to create a masking polygon

November 06 2007 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Cartographic Effects

I would like to leave the street, streams, and parcels that are located outside of the city limits but I want their colors to a lighter color than what is within the city limits. The copy of ArcView does not have the Erase tool, which i was planning on using to create a mask for the outside area which would allow me to make the color difference between the two different areas. Is there another way around this?

Mapping Center Answer:

You can do this with the editor:

1. Create a new polygon feature class which will store the mask polygon.
2. Add that feature class and your city limits feature class to a new empty map.
3. Start Editing (edit the workspace where your masking polygon is stored)
4. Select your city boundary feature.
5. Create a new feature (target should be your mask polygon feature class) Using the sketch tool (default tool, looks like a pencil) create a rectangle that is considerably larger than your map’s final extent; this needs to extend off the page in all directions. Instead of double-clicking or pressing F2 to finish the sketch, right-click and choose Finish Part.
6. Switch to the trace tool and trace a second part around your city’s boundary. Right-click and choose Finish Part.
7. To complete the feature, click F2 or right-click and choose Finish Sketch. That will create a donut polygon around your city.

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