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Character Marker Symbol Problem

August 27 2009 | 0 comments

I continue to encounter a problem when I create a multiple layer custom character marker symbol using the symbol property editor in ArcMap. If I create the symbol at a certain size and make sure that everything lines up, when I change the file size, either decrease or increase, the individual layers spread apart from each other (see attachment). When I initially create the symbol, I have to modify the X/Y offset to make every layer lines up. Any help is appreciated so that I do not pull all of my hair out!

Mapping Center Answer:

First, please do not pull out your hair, the problem can be solved with a little detective work. We'll get through this together, but we'll need to explore step by step through your process. A few questions from us will help get closer to the problem area:

Each of the symbol parts are originally from glyphs that are in different fonts --is that the case?

When you are creating your multi-part symbols do you have a set reference scale in your map document?

Are you saving the symbols you create right after you create them and then adding them to your personal style?

Are all the other marker symbols appearing or behaving correctly in your document?

Please take the time to provide a detailed description of how you are working with the multi-part symbol. Start with "I have a mxd with a scale set to...."




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