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Adding ESRI color ramps version 2.0 to ArcMap

August 28 2009 | 0 comments

What is the procedure adding version 2.0 color ramp file to Arc?

Mapping Center Answer:

First, download ColorRamps2.0 from the Styles tab on the ArcGIS Resources section of Mapping Center.

Unzip the contents of the download to a desired location on your computer.

In ArcMap, on the top bar menu, click Tools > Styles > Style Manager.

On the right hand side of the Style Manager window, click Add...

Navigate to the location where you unzipped ColorRamps2.0 and click on the .style you want to add and then click Open.

A folder icon will appear in the Style tree on the right hand side of the Style Manager window with the contents of the .style you loaded.  To view the contents of the loaded .style, expand the folder by clicking on the plus sign and click on the Color Ramps style folder.

Then click Close to exit out of Style Manager.

The color ramps will now be available in ArcMap to symbolize your data.

To learn more about Style Manager see:

To learn more about Styles see:


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