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September 01 2009 | 0 comments

I am new at animation and trying to do a simple time layer for hurricane Jimena. See my attachment to determine what I am doing wrong. I was hoping to demonstrate this in a staff meeting tomorrow! Please provide simple step by step if possible

Mapping Center Answer:

You are on the right track.  You have selected 'YYYYMMDDhhmmss' as the date/time format for your  "Create Time Layer Animation."  However, the data in your 'DTG' field has a format of 'YYYYMMDDhh.'  To remedy this, add a new field to your table.  Name it TLA.  While this field can be numeric or text, I would opt for text.  Calculate the new TLA field so that the date/time value format matches the "Create Time Layer Animation" date/time format.  You should then be able to walk through the wizard and create your animation.

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