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about google image

September 05 2009 | 1 comment
Categories: Map Data

dear sir/madam

please explain me how to add Geo referenced goggle image to arcgis.

thanking you

best regards

Mapping Center Answer:

Assuming you have obtained permission from Google to use their map. About the only thing I could recommend is making a screenshot (CTRL + ALT + PRINT SCREEN) and cropping it in an image editing package, saving it as a bitmap file that can also be a raster layer in ArcGIS, then use the Georeferencing tools to move it into it's proper geographic location.

If you were not able to obtain permission from Google (I don't know anyone who has), then you may be able to find another source, possibly from the services in ArcGIS Online.  These you can just add to ArcMap and they work.

Using google image posted by Spencer Larson on Sep 14 2009 10:01AM
As long as you have a pro version of Google Earth you can use their imagary -- as long as you show the Google icon on the bottom right hand corner and the source of the imagery even though its so small it can almost never be read when georeferencing.

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