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How do I create an overflow annotation table?

September 17 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Data

Hi, I am using the DS Mapbook extension to create a mapbook for our county. I am considering using overflow annotation tables to help me label some of the streets that cannot be labeled.

When I add text, it shows up on every page because I believe DS Mapbook treats the project as a whole instead of separate project pages.

Is there a way to create these tables when using this extension and not have them show up on every page? Thanks!

Mapping Center Answer:

My first thought is that you don't want to create map annotation, which is what generates the overlow annotation table.  Second thought is that overflow annotation is an old old, outdated term.  It's just the list of unplaced labels. 

The reason you don't want to produce map annotation for a map series is that you will potentially seriously bloat the MXD file.  You'd be much better off creating geodatabase annotation, and just using the option to create annotation features for unplaced annotation, which would give you the same content, but then leave you in a position to have a much better workflow for editing that annotation (the annotation editing tools are much better than the text editing tools for map annotation).

That, and I'm pretty sure DSMapBook will not (and likely cannot) create an overflow annotation table for each page.  Whereas you could do Identity on your annotation with your map page grid feature class, assigning the page number to your geodatabase annotation as an attribute that you could query.

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