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Displaying mausoleum wall crypts

September 17 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Design

I'm attempting to create a FLEX web-based map of a local cemetery and would like to be able to display the interior walls that hold urns and wall crypts in the various mausolems. The mausolems themselves have been traced from georeferenced PDFs and have the interior walls in a polyline layer. Each of the crypts locations are polygons, but are NOT spatially referenced as they are vertically stacked in 8X8 rows. What I would like to be able to do is to somehow enable "clicking" on a particular wall (say wall 20) and have the web-map somehow understand that all I would like to show would be those crypts that would be found on wall 20 -- either in a seperate popup window (preferable)or the same window. Without hyperlinking to a seperate MXD, is there some other way to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mapping Center Answer:

After reading this the first time, nothing jumped out in terms of, 'oh, if you just did this...' 

So, I waited... Nothing exceptional yet.  But here is one idea:

When a user zooms in to the point of a mausoleum being the dominant structure in the view, then the next zoom scale of the map would change to something that is more schematic, where you've got a shapefile of 8x8 grids for each of the walls.  The idea would be to tipping the walls outward until you could see the 8x8 grids (or whatever sizes they happen to be). You'd need to create the data, but you could at least avoid having to put a lot of extra logic to manage hyperlinks in your web app's code.

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