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Representation to Shapefile

September 22 2009 | 4 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

Is it possible to export the result of our representation edits into a shapefile? I know I can save a layer file, but I need to export it into a CAD software and I'd like to export it in .shp... I can't apply my edit to the geometry. I have to put them in an override field...


Mapping Center Answer:

Sorry--there's no way to do that.  The idea with edting representations is that you're not actually editing the data's geometery which is presumed to have geographic integrity (while the representation would be gaining cartographic integrity).  Those representation edits are only stored in the geodatabase and depend on database functionality that does not exist in the Shapefile data model or in most CAD data models (at least not in a similar/compatible form).

Representation to Shapefile posted by john evaskovich on Oct 4 2013 12:17PM
Is this answer still correct? This would actually be a very handy function.
Here's an idea posted by Aileen Buckley on Oct 9 2013 8:01AM
What you could do is use geoprocessing to make a copy of the feature class, then use the Update Override tool on that copy. That would replace the feature's geometry by the geometry override. You would then be able to export the rep geometries in a shape file.

Any other representation edit would be symbol related. I guess that's not the problem here, unless you expect to also export some sort of symbology in the CAD system, but I am not actually sure if you can do that with ArcGIS.
RE: Here's an idea... posted by john evaskovich on Dec 26 2013 12:38PM
Thanks so much.
Are you listening ESRI?
Happy to help! posted by Aileen Buckley on Jan 16 2014 11:35AM
Hope you found this useful, John!

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