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Topo Maps for the City of Lincoln, Nebraska

September 23 2009 | 0 comments
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types of layers to make this happen. My questions are; is there a data site that I can go to download this shape files besides our local data site? And is there an existing template with all this information that I can just download and extracted into my Arc Map working area? I would appreciate any help...Please!

Mapping Center Answer:

There are already two online topographic maps that you can just add to your ArcMap session as a layer.  Here are the steps:

  1. From ArcMap's File menu (9.3.1) choose Add Data from ArcGIS Online [in 9.3 this menu choice was called Add Data from Resource Center].  So, you will need to have at least ArcGIS version 9.3.
  2. That will launch a web browser. Click on the World Maps or the Layers tab tab.
  3. In the first row of thumbnail images, click on the World Topographic Map thumbnail, and new layer will be added to your ArcMap session--this is a layer is based on an ArcGIS Online Map Service.  This is an topographic map that we introduced in July--there is a Mapping Center blog entry that introduces the World Topographic Map Service.
  4. To add a similar service that is based on scans of the USGS Topographic Quadrangle maps (which in some areas may be a bit dated), repeat step 1, click on the US Maps tab for Step 2, and then click on the US Topo Maps thumbnail image.

Both of these map services can be zoomed into large scales in Lincoln, NE.  The world topographic map goes to 1:18,000, and the USGS Scanned quadrangles go to 1:24,000.

There are no templates that have Lincoln, NE data in them--just several with example layers and data that could be used by someone with the correct data in Lincoln or from the State of Nebraska to create a similar map.

Related to your earlier question and the phrasing of this question; making such a map is considerably more complicated than just downloading some shapefiles and symbolizing them.  We created the world topographic map, partly because most organizations don't have the expertise to build such a map. Given your job title, I'd be curious if map service is useful to you and if not, or only partially so, what is needed?

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