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Flow Direction for Utilities

September 29 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Cartographic Representations, Map Data


I've looked everywhere for an efficient way to symbolize flow direction in utility systems (w/out Network analyst or geometric networks), specifically sanitary sewer. This seems to be a popular requirement for many folks. I've found a way using a representation (a marker layer w/ a offset geometric effect) that gives me the attached. I'm happy with it, but just wondering if there's a more efficient way out there? Also, with the number of posts I've seen on this topic, this could be a useful blog entry for many users. Thanks for your insight and a great resource!

Mapping Center Answer:

What you describe doing is the most efficient way I know of.  Once you've got your line features' digitized direction following the direction of flow, the representations is most efficient because you only have to set it up once.  The alternative, using the basic symbology doesn't work very well when you have lots of short or very long features because you get too many or too few arrows, and not in a visually appealling fashion.

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