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October 06 2009 | 0 comments

Are there any additional 3D textures, and symbology that can be downloaded or found somewhere that can be used in ArcScene other than the default symbology for trees, houses, etc? I am looking for more variety and choice.

Mapping Center Answer:

No, we don't have any additional 3D symbol sets (although our developers are talking about a new more complex set of tree symbols). However, you can import Sketchup files into ArcScene as symbols, so you could go visit the 3D warehouse and download models that you like-- simply search by name, and then if you have SketchUp you can alter the models to your liking.

Keep in mind that there is a limit in the total size of a SketchUp file supported (around 5MBs), and the total size of texture supported Sketchup models. Also, the more complex the model (say each leaf of a tree is individually designed), the more it will impact performance. So, this means that certain models can be very expensive in terms of processing, and may have a drastic impact on performance. Keep things as simple as can be tolerated is the rule.

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