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How to import a table to use as a map element?

October 08 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements

I frequently have tables created in Word or Excel that I'd like to display on the map. They are not necessarily derived from the data in the map's layers. What's the best way to bring them in?

Mapping Center Answer:

I do this by selecting the region of cells in Excel, then use Copy.  Then in ArcMap's layout, I choose Paste.  That will paste an EMF picture graphic.  You can resize that to fit (depending on what you need, this may take some experimenting to get the correct size). 

One limitation is that I've found is that you can try to paste something that is too large.  I've gotten around that by copying half at a time (or thirds or quarters, depending). The trick to making that work is to copy the exact number of rows so you can set the height to be the same for each element you paste.

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