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Help with Complex Map Design

October 09 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements

I am trying to redesign a map series (see attached sample) which has become vary unstable over time (ArcView->Desktop 8.x-> Desktop 9.x).

The client wants to continue the design.
* 4 data frames
- Sector/zone
- Inset 1
+ Scale bar
- Inset 2
+ Scale bar
- Main – 10 mile map
+ Many data layers from File Geo-Database
+ Multiple groups
+ Multiple legends
+ Transparency
+ Scale bar
* 1 spread sheet
* 1 image i.e. logo
* Adding
- USNG grid
- Lat/Long grid

During a test of the new layout with minimal data (some data in 2 data frames); adding the spreadsheet corrupted the MXD. The corrupted MXD then crashed MXD doctor.

Any tips or hints would be appreciated i.e. things to avoid, etc. Searching the support site has not provided anything significant.

I sure you will need to know addition information but I did not feel like writing a book.

Mapping Center Answer:

In addition to check the Ask a Cartographer question I just answered (we haven't had one question about inserting spreadsheets yet, and now two within two days):

To see if that's how you're inserting your spreadsheet.  Another trick would be to export the spreadsheet to EMF and then insert it as a graphic.  If that still doesn't work then it sounds like there is something else going on. Your description leads me to think you've been using the same MXD.  You may need to, I hate to say, start from scratch with a new MXD, which might be faster than calling technical support and working through this element by element in the layout.

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