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Historical Mobility Maps

October 09 2009 | 0 comments
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I’m trying to look for historical anecdotes of mapping/recording the movement of specific objects across space and time.

For example: charting of a ships travel across the seas, or an ecologist mapping the movement of an organism, or perhaps the travel of a particularly famous human or tribe.

Im trying to relate it to the current use of GPS technology for tracking objects in space-time.

I would be especially interested in those that are cartographic in nature, but old e.g. prior to 1950s,

I was wondering if you guys have come across anything like this in your creation of the ESRI Map Books...


Mapping Center Answer:

There are a number of historical GIS projects that have tracked people and commodities through space, from event to event.  Logs and financial records are typical sources for information that can be modeled in this fashion.  I don't recall whether any such maps have appeared in the ESRI Map book; though I would start looking in geography departments that have expertise in historical geography (there are quite a few; as that is one of the largest subgroups in the AAG). Most researchers have something on their websites about the work they've done or are doing.

I've got a ArcGIS Online group for historical GIS of the American Revolutionary War that has some links to potential resources as well.

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