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How to space the representations on streets?

October 15 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Labeling, Map Data


I have a street centerline layer on which I have oneway signs using representations. Since the centerline is made of segments, each segment shows a oneway marker. This becomes too cluttered from a farther zoom level. How can I alter the placement properties of reps so that it occurs only at x map units apart, not in all segments of the streets. I have tried different effects that arcmap provides for reps but none of them seemed to work.

Thanks in advance.

Mapping Center Answer:

In order to make a cartographically presentable street map, we always... always do a Dissolve on the master street centerline feature class (ours are just like what you described yours to be).  Specifically, we dissolve by the following attributes:

Road type: e.g., limited access highway, major collector, residential, fire road, etc.

Name: Not just the street name, but the label, which will include all the prefixes and suffixes.

Label Type:  e.g., full text, interstate highway shield, U.S. Route highway shield, etc.

That gives us the basis for a symbol (road type), and label (name and type).

There is one very important option in the Dissolve tool to make sure you get right--and that is to not create multi-part features.  The label placement process will work much better and faster with single part features.

Here are a some mapping center blog entries that go into considerably more detail:

There are several others--cartography for roads and streets is a popular topic.

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