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Zooming in a grid space when clicked

October 15 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Publishing


I would like to know how I can zoom in a grid area, upon clicking, to see a more detailed view of this sub-section of a map. Essentially a large scale map is divided in grids section, with detailed layers in smaller scale view.

I am in need of how to get started with this. Thanks in advance.

Mapping Center Answer:

The easiest way (no extra extensions, etc.) is to use the Find tool.  It sounds like you already have a feature class that defines the extents of each grid cell, so you would specify that the you search that layer in the find tool.  When you get a result, right-click on it and you can either zoom to or pan to that grid cell.

You can also have the table open where you would select a row and then right click on it to zoom to or pan to that record.

There are also a couple of extensions, ArcMapBook (free developer sample) and MPS Atlas from ESRI (for fee) that are specifically for creating a map series or atlas; both of these have functionality for picking a sheet or page and zooming to. 

We've also added that same functionality to ArcGIS 9.4 which is currently available in beta--the beta program is open, so you can try it too.

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