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October 16 2009 | 2 comments
Categories: Map Data

Is there a UTM in units of feet for UTM zone 14?

Mapping Center Answer:

UTM is always in meters so there will NOT be a UTM feet projection out there.  If you really need to see your UTM data IN feet, then you can follow these instructions to change the units. Essentially, you will reproject the data to a new UTM coordinate system and modify it so that it uses feet instead of meters.

To do this, use the Project tool.  Keep the Output Coordinate System the same as your current UTM coordinate system.  Once you have selected the coordinate system click the Modify button in the Spatial Reference Properties window and under the section titled Linear Unit for the drop-down Name, select either Foot (for international feet) or Foot_US (for US survey feet).

Another option posted by Mamata Akella on Oct 23 2009 9:00AM
ESRI now has NAD27 and NAD83 based BLM (Bureau of Land Management) zones that use US survey feet for zones 14-17. They are in the Projected Coordinate Systems folder > UTM > Other GCS. Here, you will find NAD27 and NAD83 BLM Zone 14N.
UTM BLM US Feet Zone 13N posted by Rusty Jones on Jul 18 2013 2:51PM

I'm trying to lineup some CAD data using data from the Colorado State Plane Central Zone (feet) and some GIS data utilizing UTM Zone 13N. Ultimately, I would like my project in feet. I see in my Autodesk Civil 3d
that I can change my project to BLM Zones 14-17---same with ArcGIS. In idea why there isn't a BLM 13N projection.


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