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Symbology for social housing - point data

October 22 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

Any ideas? Looking for an icon or symbol that would be appropriate.

Thanks for your help

Mapping Center Answer:

I would suggest starting with a few questions as to what is being displayed and at what scale. Large scale allows details, small scale doesn't, so your dots are a good initial choice.

There are several approaches:

For simply changing the dots to something more descriptive, then start with the that is provided with ArcGIS for a few ideas.

Are the housing sites designated in any other way than a number count? In other words, are they located with adjacent services (grocery, fuel, hospital, etc)?  You can then make a selection of markers that represent housing and in various colors or one symbol and graduate the size based on scale and density.

Following your provided example:
-Location of senior housing -- Likely to be near hospitals, choose a color or background color to a dot that is hospital color and have the house marker on top. An outline of a house with a star inside.
-Location of sites with the greatest value --Likely to be a gradation of color from light to dark (try blues or greens) -Location of lowest density sites -- Again, try color to adjusted from light to dark to demonstrate density levels.  Clusters of houses can become one larger symbol or distinguished with an outline symbol.

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