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Move start point of line

October 28 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

Is there a way to offset an start point of a line?? I have water pipe that intersect like a plus sign, when in fact there is a TEE in the pipe for one direction and another TEE on the other side going the other direction. So I have to offset the starting point of one of the lines 2 or 4 foot. Do you have, or knw any way to code a botton??

Mapping Center Answer:

This is a topology problem--what you have are traditionally called "dangles", i.e., a portion of an intersecting line feature that overshoots the feature that it connects to.  It's not quite a one-button solution, but you don't need any code:

Copy your pipes feature class to a new file geodatabase (into a new feature dataset that has the same coordinate system as your pipe data).  Create a topology, and set up a rule for "Must Not Have Dangles".  Validate the topology and you can use the editor to traverse the list of errors and fix them appropriately.

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