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A problem with labelling

October 28 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling

HI. I've attached a PDF of a map I created some years ago in MicroStation. I'd like to re-do it in ArcMap, but haven't been able to work out how to make the labels (Reserve numbers) look similar to the previous version. I'm expecting something to do with converting labels to annotation, but so far nothing's really worked.
Short of adding graphic text (all 331 of them!!), is there another way?

Mapping Center Answer:

Ah, the old "one to many" labeling problem. It's still a problem. 

By the way, nice map.

You could try this, if your data can be easily set up to have a 1:M relate:

But, since you don't have that much data, you could also set up a field in dataset that has the locations being labeled to just have a comma-delimited list of Reserve numbers.  My point is it might take you 30 minutes to set that up, but a few hours to figure out a more elegant solution--for a map that you make once every few years.

If you're inclined to write Python scripts, then you might get that done in a little less time, and have something you can run more often.  There you would just loop through the feature in the feature class with the locations being labeled, and get the location ID, then query the Reserves data for their location ID, then loop through the list of resulting Reserves, building that comma delimited string as a variable.  That string, once assembled, would be set as the value to a text field on your locations dataset.


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