Getting started with Mapping Center

To get started, visit the Blog to read some current topics of conversation. Be sure to check out the comments and ratings and feel free to add a comment yourself!

Then try visiting the Maps section of the Web site and drill down to learn about some cartographic effects you find on maps made by professional cartographers. Be sure to check out the comments and ratings on the various cartographic effects and add your own! Then visit (ArcGIS Resources) to download resources that you can put to use in your own maps.

Visit Ask a Cartographer to submit a question that has you stumped about using ArcGIS software to make your map. We usually have an answer for you within a day or two.

We have compiled a lot of Other Resources for you as well, including our presentations and publications, links to mapping related information and resources on other Esri Web sites, and a special collection of Cartographers’ Favorites that include popular Web sites, forums, professional organizations, textbooks and more.

Explore and enjoy – this Web site is for you!

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