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Crater Lake National Park: Introduction

Map Details

Title: Crater Lake National Park

Map Extent: Crater Lake National Park and immediate vicinity

Map Scale: 1:63,360

Media: Print

Page Size (w x h): 18 x 24 inches (~46 x 61 centimeters)

Map Category: Reference Map

About Reference Maps
Mapping Center: Crater Lake National Park

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Cartographic Effects

Key to Icons Opens in new window

Boundaries icon Map design icon Adding whitewash to promote figure-ground
Boundaries icon Map design icon Creating a graded color boundary
Imagery icon Publishing icon Flattening Overlaid Images

About This Map

Purpose and Audience

This map is a replica of a map of the same name published by the US National Park Service. The purpose of making this map was to demonstrate that ArcGIS could be used to make a replica of a map that required multiple other specialized software applications. The audience for this map is the general public.

Design Considerations

Our main guiding principle was to come as close as we could to exactly replicating the original map produced by the National Park Service. We worked with the cartographer of the original map to learn his intentions and insights about what was important on this map.

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