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European Energy: Introduction

Map Details

Title: Comparison of Energy Production and Consumption in 2004

Map Extent: Europe

Map Scale: ~1:22,400,000

Media: Print

Page Size (w x h): 8 1/2 x 11 inches (~22 x 28 centimeters)

Download: All, Data, Style, Expressions, Models & Scripts, .MXD

Map Category: Thematic Map

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Mapping Center: European Energy

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Cartographic Effects

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About This Map

Purpose and Audience

This map was created for a technical session on advanced thematic mapping at the 26th Annual Esri International User Conference. The purpose was to create a map that was both technically and cartographically demanding. We wanted to show that tools and functions in ArcGIS could be combined to make this map. An additional reason for creating this map was to illustrate that it is often necessary to portray information in different ways to ensure that it is accurately communicated.

Design Considerations

This map is an example of displaying 3D symbols on a 2D map. There are three variables displayed on the map—energy production, energy consumption, and population. The use of 3D symbols can significantly enhance the visual depth and overall attractiveness of a map. However, 3D symbols are not as intuitive to most of the map-reading public, so a graph was also included to ensure an accurate understanding of the comparisons that can be made with this map. The map was designed with the hypothetical intention of it being included as a full-page figure in a report.

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