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Oregon Earthquakes: Introduction

Map Details

Title: Oregon Earthquakes

Map Extents: Oregon, West Coast of North America, and Pacific Ocean

Map Scales: 1:7,000,000 - Oregon; 1:10,000,000 - W. Coast N. America; and 1:150,000,000 - Pacific Ocean

Media: Print

Page Size (w x h): 9.5 x 13 inches (24 x 33 centimeters)

Map Category: Thematic Map

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Mapping Center: Oregon Earthquakes

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Cartographic Effects

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About This Map

Purpose and Audience

This map was created to demonstrate at the 2006 Esri International User Conference some of the mapping techniques that can be achieved with Esri software. It was fashioned after the Earthquakes theme in the Atlas of Oregon, Second Edition, copyright 2001, University of Oregon Press, p. 138.

Design Considerations

The page layout tells the story of earthquakes from an Oregon perspective which is unusual because most of the earthquakes fall to the west of the state in the ocean where the Juan de Fuca plate is sliding below the northwestern edge of the North American plate. Therefore, the earthquakes of most interest occur offshore, although there have been some significant events in the past in the northern part of the state near Portland, along the Columbia River, and in the south near the border of California. The goal of the map is to show people the distribution of earthquakes in Oregon but also to show that in context so they understand the processes behind the geographic patterns shown on the maps.

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