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Esri Lunch Specials: Introduction

Map Details

Title: Esri Lunch Specials

Map Extent: Downtown San Diego, California, near the Convention Center

Map Scale: 1:6,600

Media: Print

Page Size (w x h): 8 1/2 x 11 inches (~22 x 28 centimeters)

Download: All, Data, Style, Expressions, Models & Scripts, .MXD

Map Category: Special Use

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Mapping Center: San Diego Lunch Specials

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Cartographic Effects

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About this map

Purpose and Audience

This map was created to help attendees at the 26th Annual Esri International User Conference find a place to eat lunch and get a special discount. We were informed that the conference attendees would find the map on their seats and at the lunch break would be walking out of the San Diego Convention Center into the Gaslamp Quarter with the map in hand.

Design Considerations

The basemap for this map was created before we knew which restaurants would be providing discounts, so the exact layout of the map was not known until late in the process. The impact on us was that the shape of the data frame evolved. Further, just how the map would be printed or distributed was unknown until the very last week, so the color scheme had to work for both color and black and white. The map also needed to work efficiently in the event of web distribution, so careful color selections were made. One final consideration was that a total of 40 hours was given to making this map; in the end, it took the 40 hours, with a little over half dedicated to creating new data (buildings, block polygons, and cultural features).

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