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ESRI Lunch Specials: Inserting formatted text from another document
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Shows a portion of the inserted text.
The Participating Restaurants list was quickly formatted using auto paragraph numbering and hanging indentation.

What: Text formatting tags are a convenient way to handle the occasional problem of changing one or a few words in a text block to be formatted specially. Why: However, when the text block requires more advanced formatting like indentation schemes or bulleted lists, or if many words need to be specially formatted, we often find it is easier to do the work in word processing software, which is designed for such tasks

How: To add formatted text to your page layout, select the text in the word processing software, copy it, and then paste it into the ArcMap page layout.

The result is a pasted picture of your text; the internal format of that picture is an Enhanced Windows Metafile. You can resize and position this picture of the text as needed, but you cannot edit it; edits can only be made in the word processing software, and you’ll need delete the incorrect picture of the text from ArcMap’s page layout and then repeat the copy and paste procedure.

size of image inserted posted by Keir Keightley on Apr 13 2012 7:54AM
Upon testing this, the inserted image is as wide as the source document's printable area (width between margins). Is there a way to crop the image in ArcGIS to make it easier to manage?

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