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Gulf of St. Lawrence: Introduction

Map Details

Title: Gulf of St. Lawrence

Map Extent: Gulf of St. Lawrence region

Map Scale: ~1:5,000,000

Media: Print

Page Size (w x h): 11 x 8.5 inches (~28 x 22 centimeters)

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Map Category: Locator Map

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Mapping Center: Gulf of St. Lawrence

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Cartographic Effects

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About This Map

Purpose and Audience

This map was originally created for an Esri tutorial on how to publish a map to ArcReader. The intent was to produce a locator map for ArcReader that could be used on a website or in a publication about the Gulf of St. Lawrence region. Because this is a locator map, the intent was to show the major geographic features of the area but not to place emphasis on any one theme. This map shows the major settlements, roads, rivers, shorelines, and political boundaries in the Gulf of St. Lawrence region. Although it is important on locator maps to keep the visual impression on one hierarchical plane, adding some visual hierarchy within themes helps the map reader distinguish features based on type or size. For example, different types of roads were shown using symbols with different line weights and colors. To depict cities of different sizes, we varied the size and colors of the point symbols.

Design Considerations

We knew that the reader would be able to zoom and pan the map to see its details, so we were able to provide detailed coastlines and text as small as 6.0 points. We were required to create the map using widely available data, so we used the Esri Data & Maps dataset.

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