Esri Workshop for ICC 2011 - Paris

This workshop will be presented at the International Cartographic Conference in Paris, France in July 2011. If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please email David Watkins or Aileen Buckley.

Designing and Creating Web Maps with ArcGIS

  • Presenters: David Watkins and Aileen Buckley
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Audience: Anyone who wants to publish high quality web maps using the cartographic design and publishing capabilities of ArcGIS
  • Prerequisites: A basic understanding of ArcGIS Desktop, its functionality, and its user interface; some experience in creating visual map products with ArcGIS ArcMap
  • Date: Saturday, July 2


This workshop focuses on the design and creation of Web maps. We start by reviewing cartographic decisions that are governed by the fact that you will be publishing your map to the Web: e.g., will it be shown at multiple scales, will it serve as a basemap that other content will be mashed up onto, etc…? We also discuss design decisions that produce the highest quality cartographic display onscreen, including issues that relate to color, type, symbology, and some special cartographic effects.

The primary focus of this workshop is on the map design and compilation rather than the publication process, but we touch on publishing your map as a map service so that you know about related design decisions and how to address them.

As an example, we demonstrate with the Community Basemap, compiled by Esri as an online multi-scale basemap that users can overlay with their own operational data to create maps specific to various themes of interest. It also provides a wide geographic context as users can zoom in from the global scale to the local. The basemap was compiled for from a global scale of about ˜1:591,000,000 to regional scale of about ˜1:144,000. Where higher resolution local data are available, such as Hong Kong, San Francisco, and Toronto, additional scales can extend down to ˜1:1,000.

Come join us on Saturday, July 2nd for a one-day workshop to learn how you can add design and compile multi-scale online maps. In the workshop, you will learn about:

  • the design and production of Web maps,
  • map templates and how to use them to more quickly and easily create these and other maps,
  • ArcMap techniques used to compile multi-scale online maps,
  • how to publish your maps using ArcGIS Server, and
  • the Community Map program.

This workshop is ideal if you are interested in learning about creating and serving online multi-scale maps using ArcGIS and/or if you are interested in Esri's Community Map program.